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JPJ Quality Services specializes in residential and commercial air duct cleaning.  We are currently serving the Chicagoland Area.

We rid your home of dust, dirt, mold, mildew, pet dander, construction debris, insect parts (dust mites and roaches), and other allergens that live in the dark, moist interior of your air duct system.

We remove 13-17 pounds of dust, dirt, and debris from the average home.  This debris is  pulled outside by our high powered vacuum.  We do not leave a mess in your home.

We conduct a thorough inspection of your system PRIOR to performing any work and alert you to any problems.

We provide you with the means to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the cleaning.

We clean each duct run with special hoses and tools to loosen dirt and debris.  We also clean all grills, registers, and diffusers.

After the ducts and internal components are thoroughly cleaned, we deodorize the entire sysem with an EPA registered antimicrobial agent.

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